Muscle Massage Roller

  • Premium Material: It is manufactured with High-Density EVA foam, flexible and easy to handle the force from any angle. anti-skid, comfortable, tasteless, environmental protection, safe and non-toxic. The ball won't collapse under body weight like our competitor's versions. Get deeper, more targeted trigger point massage.
  • Multipurpose - It can be used to relax the muscles in the arms, shoulders, neck, back and legs; helping to soothe muscle soreness in relevant parts of the body. It is an indispensable sports equipment of home, gymnasium and office.
  • Wide Suitability - It can be used before exercise to relax muscles, improve athletic performance and prevent sports injuries; or be used after exercise to soothe muscle soreness and accelerate recovery. It is suitable for runners, swimmers and other sports enthusiasts such as CrossFit, Yoga and Pilates practitioners.
  • Easy to Carry: Due to the super light-weight foam, the massage roller is easy to take away with no bulk feel. Compact size 13 x 5.5", keep it in the pack-sack provided free of cost &bring this with you to the office/gym/ travel, Get exercising anytime and anywhere. Not exposing it to the dust, space saver, and convenient to storage.